Sleepova Tickets

Sleepova Tickets

Bush Theatre, London
24 Feb 2023 - 28 Apr 2023
Black Friday Promotion

About Sleepova

‘We don’t get to choose when we become women, y’know?’

Join Rey, Elle, Shan and Funmi. Armed with sugary snacks, school gossip, and secret questions they can only ask each other, their sleepovas are pretty much a sacred space for them.

As each year tugs them further into adulthood and life doesn’t pan out quite as they imagined, they struggle to hold on to a friendship that they swore would last a lifetime. Sleepova is an ode to black women, their boundless spirits, and wild dreams.

A new Bush Theatre commission from Matilda Feyiṣayọ Ibini (Little Miss Burden).

Assisted Performances

16th March 19:30 & 25th March 14:30 is Captioned

11th March 14:30 & 30th March 19:30 is Relaxed & Sensory Adapted

18th March 14:30 & 23rd March 19:30 is Audio Described





Performance schedule

Sorry, no performance schedule available.

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